Who would you trust more: A company talking about how awesome it is, or a colleague raving about the company’s work? I’d bet that you prefer the latter — that colleague is more likely to be unbiased and give you a realistic understanding of what the company is like. Including customer testimonials on your “About Us” page can give prospects and leads a more down-to-earth view of your company.

Although FortyOneTwenty’s “About Us” page starts out with a classic but well-designed value proposition, the key part of the page is the testimonial section below the fold. Including that — with pictures, so users can put faces to names — as well as a list of companies that “trust” the company, quickly makes FortyOneTwenty more likable and trustworthy.

Personal testimonials build credibility and trust, making the “About Us” page a good home for them. If you have a customer who has nothing but good things to say about your company, hand them the mic and let them do the talking.