John Deere 6430

John Deere 6430

John Deere 6430 Farm Tractor from 2007 to 2012 in the United States with a two-post ROPS cab. Speaking of dimensions and weight, this model weighs 10,000 pounds or 4,536 kg, while maintaining a 94.5-inch [240 cm] wheelbase and 18.5-inch [46 cm] ground clearance. This John Deere 6430 is powerd by a diesel engine has 276 ci or 4.5 L 4 cylinder 8 valves, can produce 120 hp or 89.5 kW at 2300 (rpm), and has a torque of 356 lb-ft or 482, 7 Nm at 1600 (rpm) the fuel tank capacity is 43.6 gal or 165.0 L. This machine has 4×2 2WD wheel drive system, 24 forward and reverse John Deere PowrQuad transmission system.

The fuel tank can hold 181.7 liters of gasoline (48 gallons of gasoline). It has also been highly praised for the fact that it has managed to maintain a reasonably low emissions level without sacrificing power. Its PowrQuad PLUS or AutoQuad PLUS transmission gives it a top speed of up to 25 mph, which makes it very reasonable in cases where you have to travel long distances. If you order the tractor with a PowrQuad PLUS transmission, it will come with 16 forward gears and 16 for reverse. However, with the AutoQuad PLUS, you will have 20 forward gears and 20 reverse as well.

The JD 6430 is highly regarded for its easy ballasting ability, whether ballast is attached to the rear of the tractor or Quik Tatch weights are applied to the front of the tractor. Its category 2 electro-hydraulic 3-point hitch makes all implements instantly secured. The John Deere 6430 weighs 4,536 kg (or 10,000 lbs.) When fully ballasted and fueled. It has a 2.4 m (94.5 in) wheelbase.

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Overall, the John Deere 6430 is a farmer favorite. Many like it because it is so versatile. It is not so large as to be used only as a workhorse, and at the same time it is not so small as to be used only for simple jobs. Thanks to its size, it can do any job you want, from hauling grain (as long as the load is not too large) to moving bales with a front loader.

This 4×4 tractor is built to deliver up to 103kW or 138 horsepower, supplied by its powerful John Deere engine to the 4.75t 6430 Premium machine. The 6430 Premium is classified in the larger machine segment of the 4×4 tractor category. The size of the 6430 Premium is 2.32m x 4.29m x 2.74m.

The John Deere 6430 is equipped with one of two 4.5 L (276.0 cu·in) diesel engines and one of four transmission variants.

The tractor can be equipped with the following engines:

  • John Deere 4045HL281 PowerTech E (2007-2009). It is a 4.5 L, 4523 cm 2 (276.0 cu·in) four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with 106.0 mm (4.17 in) cylinder bore and 127.0 mm (5 in) of piston stroke. The compression ratio is 19.0: 1. This engine produces 116.7 PS (85.8 kW; 115.0 HP) at 2,300 rpm of power output and 466.5 N·m (47.6 kg·m, 343.8 ft·lb) at 1,500 rpm of torque.
  • John Deere 4045HL288 PowerTech E (after 2010). It is a 4.5L, 4523 cm 2 (276.0 cu·in) six-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The cylinder bore is 106.0 mm (4.17 inches) and the piston stroke is 127.0 mm (5 inches). The compression ratio is 19.0: 1. This engine produces 121.7 PS (89.5 kW; 120.0 HP) at 2,300 rpm of power output and 466.5 N·m (47.6 kg·m, 343.8 ft·lb) at 1,600 rpm of torque.

The JD 6430 is equipped with hydrostatic power steering, hydraulic wet disc brakes, two-post ROPS or cab (optional), and a 165.0 liter (43.6 US gallon, 36.3 Imp gallon) fuel tank.

John Deere

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  1. John Deere 6430 Premium
  2. John Deere 6430 TLS


The transmission gasket broke at 348 hours. It was continually overheating. The dealership suggested filling the radiator reservoir to full, so the passerby / cooler would get coolant. The tractor was only used for packing. Had to use the 1993 JD6400 to finish the hay season. New technology does not always mean it is more reliable. Bad experience, with this model – expensive situation.

This tractor has been in trouble for about 30 hours and then it has been a nightmare the rest of the time. You have big fuel problems and other annoying little problems. Overall, I honestly wish I hadn’t seen this machine because it’s really a “lemon”

I have two John Deere 6430 IVT tractors this summer, both had factory mounted Alamo 20ft rear mount boom cutters. The IVT transmission is great, very smooth and easy to use and has worked great for mowing at low speeds. Tractors have great power and are very responsive. The air seat and hydraulic cab suspension offer the best ride I’ve ever had from any rig on or off the road. The flexibility of the hydraulic SCV / ICV is exceptional and adjustments through the command center are quick and easy. They are great tractors and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

I love using IVT on a Blueberrie combine also doing a bit of spraying took some time to get good at using all the features I’m still amazed at the awesome tractor transmission

I think the D tractors are like the 6 × 15 tractors from the 6 × 20 series. Lower specs, open center hydraulics, manual shifting and flange shafts as standard.

To run a feed grinder and pull silage carts, I’d say you’ve wasted your money on a premuim. A standard would do those jobs just as well.

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