John Deere 6430 fuel/starting problems

John Deere 6430 fuel/starting problems Problems

I am publishing this on behalf of a friend who is trying to solve a problem with his John Deere 6430 Premium.

Last year he began to have problems, the tractor began to run the idle and then did not start. It starts without shooting or starting for a few seconds and then turns off. The dealer checked and confirmed that the fuel pressure and the rail sensor were fine. This spring was replaced the suction control valve. He started and worked well during the first days, but then slowed down. Next, he washed the entire fuel system and replaced all the fuel lines, but the problem remained present.

He says that if he unplug the suction control valve sensor, the tractor turns on, but it works badly and emits a code. If you plug in again the sensor, the tractor works well until you turn it off and you have to start the same process again to work well.

The concessionaire JD has spent a lot of time on the tractor and at this point they do not know where to continue. Any idea for him?

I have a 6320 and scratched his head for a while. Mine always started but ran something well in idle but with roughness over the idle. First they replaced all solid rubber braided fuel conduits. This did not solve the problem. I had to cut and restart several times before it worked without problems before some larger cables from the ECU to the fuel pump were added.

I was also educated by the distributor of the correct start-up sequence:

  • push the accelerator to half
  • Turn on the switch and let the cycle meters, the lights go out. (Take a couple of seconds)
  • Then start

This correct sequence helped a little, but still had problems.

Then they left the cables in the ECU harness to the fuel pump and bridged them with greater caliber cables. Before, he just jumped and started with the accelerator back.

I never have problems now that the cables were replaced and follow the proper sequence. I do not know if this will help you have a newer version.

I have heard that some have to have their pump replaced and it is important to execute the fuel conditioner with lubricant because ULSD today does not have the lubricity that once did it.

I hope this helps.

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