John Deere 6430 Hydraulic Problem

John Deere 6430 Hydraulic Problem Problems

I have a John Deere 6430 non-premium. I was having a hard direction and a slow hydraulic system. I drained the oil, cleaned the suction grid and changed the filters. The hydraulic element filter had metal shavings in the boat. I filled the oil tank and drawn the tractor. I had no address, nor SCVS, nor 3 pt. I turned it away and I turned it back, leaving it running enough to fill everything, but still nothing. The tractor moved and had brakes. I took the boat with the hydraulic filter element and there was no oil in it. What could be the problem? Is there a load pump for the hydraulic pump? Any help will be awesome.

John Deere 6430 Hydraulic

Behind or just below where the third link is nailed you will see a plastic cap with a hexagonal head of 24mm. Strip of that cap and look if the shaft rotates when you start the tractor. If you do not, take out the shaft and look through the hole with a flash light to see if you can see the assembly of transmission gears that drives the hydraulic pump. Does your strength work?

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