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Specifications & technical data data for the John Deere 6430 tractor can be found on this page. John Deere is the manufacturer of the Model 6430 Premium 4×4 Tractor. A John Deere 6430 for sale from the original dealerships could be equipped with different transmissions, which means that second-hand tractor buyers will be fined one of three types. Some tractors are equipped with the JOHN DEERE SychroPlus fully synchronized transmission with 12 forward and four reverse gears or the JOHN DEERE PowrReverser transmission with power inverter and 16 forward and reverse gears. Other Model 6430 tractors feature the JOHN DEERE partial power shift PowrQuad transmission with 16 or 24 forward and reverse gears.

Technical Specifications JOHN DEERE 6430 4WD 2007-2013

Version of the model:
 Drive:4 Wheel drive
Production year:
 Brand:John Deere
 Model:4045T 2VCR
 Type:4 stroke Direct injection
 Engine cooled:water cooled
 Intercooled:Air cooled
 Emission level:Tier 3
 Gross:89.00Kw / 119.35Hp
 Rated EC:85.00Kw / 113.99Hp
 Rated ECE:86.00Kw / 115.33Hp
 Power at:2300rpm
 Maximum (SAE):468.00Nm / 346.32lb-ft
 Torque rise:33 %
 Max. torque at:1600rpm
 Bore:106.50mm / 4.19Inch
 Stroke:110.00mm / 4.33Inch
 Displacement:4,530cm³ / 276ci³
 Fuel system:high-pressure common rail injection
Electrical system:
Power source:
 Motor output:3.00Kw / 4.02Hp
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Type:Load sensing with constant flow pump
 Main pump:63.00L/m / 16.64gpm
Optional main pump:
 Flow capacity:81.00L/m / 21.40gpm
Hydraulic pressure:
 Working hydraulics:200.00Bar / 20.00Mpa
Transmission & speed:
 Make:John Deere
 Reversing gear:Hydraulic
 Powertrain:4 Wheel Drive
 Gears:Full Synchronized
 Forward gears:12
 Reverse gears:4
Travel speed:
 max first gear:2.50km/h / 1.55mph
 Maximum speed:30.00km/h / 18.64mph
Optional transmissie:
 Gears:Electrical Left Hand PowerReverser with neutral position
 Forward gears:16
 Reverse gears:16
Travel speed:
 Low:2.50km/h / 1.55mph
 High:40.00km/h / 24.85mph
2e optional transmissie:
 Type:PowerQuad Plus
 Gears:Electrical Left Hand 4 powershiftable gears
 Forward gears:16
 Reverse gears:16
Travel speed:
 Low:2.50km/h / 1.55mph
 High:40.00km/h / 24.85mph
3e optional transmissie:
 Type:PowrQuad Plus
 Gears:20 + 20 or 24 + 24
Power takeoff:
 Clutch:Wet disc
 PTO speed:540/540E/1000rpm
 Engine at PTO speed:2143/1684/2208rpm
Braking system:
 Service brake:Oil cooled discs, self equalising, self adjusting
Parking brake:
 Brake type:Transmission parking position
Service refill capacities:
 Fuel tank:165.00L / 43.59US gal
 Fuel tank optional:185.00L / 48.88US gal
 Engine oil:16.00L / 16.91US guart
 Coolant system engine:24.00L / 25.37US guart
 Transmission:50.00L / 52.86US guart
Transport dimensions:
 Length:4,289mm / 169Inch
 Width:2,316mm / 91Inch
 Heigth:2,743mm / 108Inch
Height dimensions:
 Height:2,743mm / 108Inch
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 Front:16.9 R24
 Rear:18.4 R38
 Length:2,400.00mm / 94.49Inch
Width over tires:
 Standard:2,316mm / 91Inch
 Steering system:Hydrostatic
Turning radius:
 Outside of tire:4,500mm / 177Inch
Lifting capacity:
 Lift capacity rear:5,100kg / 11,220Lbs
Operating weight:
 Operating weight:4,745kg / 10,439Lbs
Total weight:
 Maximum:8,200kg / 18,040Lbs
Sound levels:
 Interior Cab:71dB(A)
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